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DAC installation

We offer carbon offsets as part of the first industrial Direct Air Capture installation in Poland for the permanent removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. The full commissioning will reach the scale of 5,000 tons of CO2 per year.


Between 2025 and 2030, we plan to launch eight more industrial installations in Lower Silesia, with a total capacity of 50 ktons of CO2 per year.


The R&D team consists of ten engineers and scientists, including three chemistry professors. The technology was developed in the only laboratory in Poland dedicated to research on CO2 capture, launched on the premises of the Institute belonging to the Łukasiewicz Research Network in Wrocław.


The capture of CO2 molecules in the reactor takes place utilizing a self-aggregating network of active, microporous, spatial liquid-gas-solid membranes with an area of 4500 m2 in 1 m3 of reactor volume. The reaction medium is self-regenerating.
Rapid transmission of gas molecules using gas nanopump technology rotating at 50,000 times per second. The dipole structures of H2O and CO2 enhance the molecular transport of CO2 from the gas phase to the liquid phase.
The reactor is operational even at the lowest CO2 concentrations of 10 ppm. The capture is up to 99% effective at 450 ppm in less than 30 seconds with a gas flow of 300 m2/h.


• Our proprietary technology is verified and tested.• third-party accreditation and verification of the CO2 storage site.• CO2 is stored in a stable mineral form for thousands of years.

For whom?

We encourage companies that want to offset their carbon dioxide emissions to cooperate with us.Balance your CO2 emissions in a measurable and sustainable form, with accreditation verified by a third party.


We are registered for the XPRIZE competition for carbon dioxide removal. We are one of the teams building solutions to achieve a CO2 removal scale of gigatonnes per year.Officially launched in 2021, XPRIZE Carbon Removal is a four-year global competition that aims to combat climate change by developing solutions that can extract carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans and lock it permanently in an environmentally friendly manner.

CO2 Lab

Cost of the service

The offset price of 1 ton of CO2 permanently removed from the atmosphere is a derivative of, among other things, transaction volume, contract length, and other terms of the transaction.To obtain a quote, please fill in the form below.

Carbon scam

Be aware of Greenwashing!The global market is flooded with hundreds of companies and organizations selling carbon offsets. However, many of them lack credibility and rely on the protection of forests and tree planting as a way to offset carbon emissions.While planting trees can help restore the environment, it is not a permanent solution to carbon sequestration. Trees are a part of the natural life cycle, and when they decay or burn, CO2 returns to the atmosphere.Moreover, since the value of a forest as an asset is immeasurable and unverifiable, it is possible that the same offset service is sold multiple times to different entities, resulting in a false sense of environmental responsibility.At Carbon Universe, we offer a verified and tested carbon offset service, utilizing Direct Air Capture technology that permanently removes CO2 from the atmosphere. Our service is third-party accredited, and the CO2 is stored in a stable mineral form for thousands of years, providing a measurable and sustainable solution to offset carbon emissions.

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